For over 10 years, Toitures Malartech has been installing new metal roofing with or without concealed fasteners. A steel roof covering will last two to three times longer than other roof coverings and is 100% recyclable.

Metal Roof Installation

So, by choosing a steel roof you will bring distinction, personality and added value to your residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural buildings. A wise choice and a sound investment. You will never have to reroof again! Our experts guarantee you a watertight and resistant roof, installed by professionals who pay attention to detail. Entrust us with your installation project, our experienced team will meet all your expectations.

Limited 40-year Transferable Warranty

Each manufacturer includes a 40-year limited warranty on sheet metal panels which can be transferred to the next owner. A good resale value that could be significant!

Added Protection

A metal roof is much better than a traditional asphalt shingle or fibreglass roof. Metal roofs are resistant, among other things, to temperature changes, severe weather, and mildew; they do not crack, and they are light, efficient and long-lasting.

Minimum Maintenance

For peace of mind, nothing better than a metal roof with or without visible screws; solid and long-lasting, this type of roofing material is a smart option that will save you a lot of trouble.

Impeccable Look

Unlike a conventional shingle roof covering, a metal roof will maintain prestige and durability throughout its lifespan, which can be 50 years or more.

Lifetime Investment

All metal roof coverings are a wise and reasonable choice.

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Our Achievements

For over 10 years, Toitures Malartech has been specializing in metal roofing. We offer these services: installation of sheet metal roofing with or without visible screw system, restoration of existing metal roofs, as well as waterproofing of metal roofs on large commercial buildings. Call on our versatile team for all your metal roofing services needs.

Experience the strength of steel!

Call on our versatile team for all your metal roofing service needs.

Toitures Malartech offers a personalized service, and we look forward to assessing your metal roofing needs and advising you on the best choice.

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